My name is Sander, also known as PixelHenkie on social media, and I’ve been born & raised in the beautiful Netherlands. After 5 years in the army and 3 years in university I decided to chase a dream I’ve always had: to be able to make my own videogames and do the artwork myself in the style of the classic videogames.

My passion for videogames and pixelart date back to the early 90’s, watching my big brother play games on the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis). I always loved the aesthetics and colorful style of the pixelated graphics and as a kid I tried to replicate it by making drawings of the characters and vehicles of those games.

My main inspirations:

In 2018, after years of telling myself I would never be able to do it, I finally made the leap into learning pixelart and game design. Following months of tutorials, practice and making pieces for family and friends, I slowly started feeling comfortable to share my work online.
As a result, I’ve been involved in various projects and done commissions for multiple Twitch streamers. For examples of my work, see the portfolio page or check out my Projects page (COMING SOON).

Right now I’m mainly making portraits: franchises like Fire Emblem, Front Mission, Road Rash and Super Monaco GP made me really invested in the characters thanks to their colorful portraits. A well-made portrait can capture the personality and history of a character, and might even invite the player to delve into the backstory of the specific character (or make one up themselves if that’s missing).

I’m improving every single day by practicing, while also studying and learning from works by my favorite artists:

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and making it to the bottom of the page!