Do you want someone who makes pixelart personalized to your specifications? Great, that’s what I am all about!

Hire me through Upwork ( €16.50 / $18 per hour )

Email me ( €15 / $16,50 per hour )

Here’s a quick overview of the services I offer:


Small projects have fixed prices, starting as low as $5.

For bigger projects I calculate the expected cost beforehand and provide you with a spreadsheet containing a breakdown of the costs for maximum transparency. Payment is done beforehand, and no extra charges will be charged afterwards (providing the scope of the project remains the same).

For even BIGGER projects, like doing the artwork for a complete game, I charge per hour instead of per project. I log every hour in a spreadsheet detailing what I spend it on, again for maximum transparency. My current rate is €15 / $16,50 per hour.

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