Twitch & YouTube graphics

Need to add extra spice to your Twitch or YouTube channel? I can provide you with custom made follow animations, emotes or a graphical overlay. Even better, I can offer you everything together in a ‘Twitch package’ for a discounted price, which comes with 5 different emotes, a follow animation and a graphical overlay.

Here are some examples of animations and emotes I made for Twitch streamers:


I made a couple of animations for TheSpudHunter on Twitch. The last four are his face in the style of the classic DOOM games from the 90’s.

A charging up & firing animation of the BFG from the DOOM franchise.


I made two animations and a couple of emotes for Serious, a professional Quake player. The animations are of his channel mascot, a duck wearing a Ranger helmet while wielding a lightning gun.


Made an emote for Bornie (spelled with 1 to 3 n’s) of his face in the style of the old DOOM games.